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Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects for Selling Your Home

Home improvement projects for selling your home can make a huge difference in offering a better curb appeal for your home. While fancy upgrades are always going to be appreciated, simple attention to detail can make your home stand out to interested buyers.
When it’s time to spruce up your home to sell, here are a few DIY home improvement projects for selling your home!

Landscaping Sustainability

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July 2019 Land Report

Each month, the Tucson Land Report releases, offering a summary of data on the previous month. The report covers the Tucson Metro area with information on properties under contract and home sales data based on information from the MLSSAZ and using Brokermetrics software. These year-to-date and month-to-month comparisons reveal to realtors the best times for clients to buy or sell land in the area.
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Build a Smart Home

A new standard of living is approaching: the smart home. As technology becomes pocket-sized and verbal with voice-command assistants, homes are becoming smarter, too. Gone are the days that you need to flip a light switch or manually adjust the thermostat. Technology makes it possible to control all this and more with a voice command or tap of your finger.
While an existing home must be altered to become smarter, new homes can be built with smart home technology already in mind.

Quick Benefits of a Smart Home

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Is Buying Land in Tucson a Good Investment?

If you’re considering buying land as an investment, don’t overlook the Tucson metro area and Southern Arizona. It can be easy to miss the trends happening in Tuscon if you’re interested in Arizona as a possible investment location, but you’ll find some great values if you take a closer look.
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Think Outside the Box to Purchase Residential Land

If you’ve decided to buy residential land in Tucson and have determined that a conventional lot loan is not right for you (whether too high a down payment, too many associated costs, too short term, etc.), here are two sources of funds that may be available to help you complete your purchase: owner financing or an IRA/401(k) plan. 

Owner Financing 

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Best Places to Eat Lunch in Tucson

No matter what you’re craving, Tucson offers some of the best places to eat lunch. Whether you want casual or formal, we’ve got you covered. Scroll through these Tucson lunch spots to see which one inspires you to grab your car keys and head out for lunch now!

The Grill at Hacienda del Sol

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Tucson Summer Events Not to Miss

While the sweltering temperatures in Arizona might tempt you to remain in air-conditioned environments, Tucson’s summer festivals and events will make you want to brave the heat.
Check out the Tucson 23: Mexican Food Festival or indulge your summer bird watching with August’s two Summer Birding Festivals. On weekends during the summer, don’t forget to attend one or all of the 2nd Saturdays Downtown.
Be sure to carry water with you, wear sunscreen, and keep a hat on hand to combat the intensity of the heat and sunshine.
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Takeout Tucson: 6 Restaurants You'll Want to Try

Deciding on the right takeout for your meal that fits your craving and budget can be challenging. Tucson offers many options for different types of cuisines from healthy to decadent. Most restaurants offer both online and phone ordering to make your life even easier. You can also stop in and make your to-go order on the spot.
Grab some Tucson takeout at one of these amazing restaurants.


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