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5 Easy Hikes in Tuscon

Tucson is nestled between 4 mountain ranges in the Sonoran desert and offers many miles of hiking trails. However if just the thought of hiking makes you tired, don’t fret - we’ve put together a list of short hikes in the Tucson area just for you. The trails on this list are easy hikes that still offer beautiful desert views. 

Linda Vista Trail 

Distance: Just under 1 mile
Location: 730 E. Linda Vista Road 
Best for: Views of the Catalina Mountains and gorgeous sunsets
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8 of the Best Winter Activities in Tucson

With temperatures ranging from 40 to 75 degrees, winter in Tucson can be the best season for all your favorite activities from hiking to shopping to dining. Tucson keeps the summer vibes going all winter long with lots of sunshine and very little humidity. Whether you live in colder climates or just want a change of scenery, Tucson has something for everyone.
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Expensive Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Residential Land

Buying residential land to build your dream home is a thrilling experience. The excitement lies in finding a piece of land where you can watch your dream home become a reality. Buying the right residential land can be challenging, however. Avoiding costly mistakes and finding a well-located piece of land is not as easy as it sounds.
When you’re looking into buying land to build your home, you need to be aware of these expensive mistakes to avoid when buying residential land. 

1. Not Visiting the Property in Person

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Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects for Selling Your Home

Home improvement projects for selling your home can make a huge difference in offering a better curb appeal for your home. While fancy upgrades are always going to be appreciated, simple attention to detail can make your home stand out to interested buyers.
When it’s time to spruce up your home to sell, here are a few DIY home improvement projects for selling your home!

Landscaping Sustainability

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August 2019 Land Report

The release of the Tucson Land Report provides an overview of the land lot market from the Tucson Metro area and from the MLSSAZ. For realtors, the statistics provide eye-opening comparisons of year-to-date and month-to-month data. The report helps realtors recognize the best times for buying and selling land.
For the August 2019 Land Report, the numbers from July are promising. If the market continues to follow the trends seen in the past months, the market will continue to favor buyers, creating a great land purchasing experience for them.
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July 2019 Land Report

Each month, the Tucson Land Report releases, offering a summary of data on the previous month. The report covers the Tucson Metro area with information on properties under contract and home sales data based on information from the MLSSAZ and using Brokermetrics software. These year-to-date and month-to-month comparisons reveal to realtors the best times for clients to buy or sell land in the area.
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Build a Smart Home

A new standard of living is approaching: the smart home. As technology becomes pocket-sized and verbal with voice-command assistants, homes are becoming smarter, too. Gone are the days that you need to flip a light switch or manually adjust the thermostat. Technology makes it possible to control all this and more with a voice command or tap of your finger.
While an existing home must be altered to become smarter, new homes can be built with smart home technology already in mind.

Quick Benefits of a Smart Home

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June 2019 Land Report

The release of the Tucson Land Report offers a glimpse into how the Lots & Land properties in the Tucson Metro area are doing based on the year-to-date statistics and month-to-month comparisons. 
Based on the localized market, the data provides real estate agents with up-to-date information on the best times for clients to buy or sell land in the area. It’s also important to note that fluctuations and changes within the market should be expected.
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