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December Events Not to Miss in Tucson

When looking for a lot of land to build your new home on, knowing what the area is so important. Every city has its own culture, and Tucson is no different. Despite being located in a desert terrain, the city has more than enough to offer. Here are some great December events you won’t want to miss in Tucson.

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8 of the Best Hikes to Explore Tucson Terrain

One of the most popular ways to explore Tucson is by hiking in and around the city. Although residents and visitors may not agree on which hike is the best, here’s a list of the best hikes to explore Tucson terrain. After all, Tucson has a very diverse landscape, ranging from desert to mountains.

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What Is a Sheet Flow Area?

When purchasing property – whether it is an empty lot or has a structure on it – it is important to find out if the property is in a floodplain. Most real estate agents are familiar with FEMA floodplains but there are other types of floodplains to be aware of. One type of floodplain particularly common in Pima County is a Sheet Flow Area.

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Planning a Move? Here's How to Stay Organized

Whether you're moving down the street or across the world, moving is always a hectic experience. Trying to pack up everything on your own while also ensuring all the other details fall into place just right is beyond overwhelming, and attempting to keep the rest of your world in order while doing so may seem impossible.

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Floodplain Use Permits (FPUPs)

Any development activity (construction, grading activities, utility work) that takes place in the regulatory floodplain, erosion hazard area, or mapped riparian habitat will require a Floodplain Use Permid (FPUP). An FPUP is the most common type of permit that the Regional Flood Control Districts (RFCD) issue. FPUP application requirements vary from activity to activity, but there are some documents and information required for nearly every permit.

FPUP Requirements

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4 Fantastic Drinks to Keep You Cool This Summer

If last year was any indication, this summer is going to be hot, hot, hot! Keeping cool and refreshed is not only a delicious idea, it’s necessary. 
While you should be sure you and your family are drinking plenty of water, there’s always a little room for more “fun” drinks that add a little flavor to your day. This week, I’ve rounded up a few we like to enjoy in our home to share. Pick a favorite or try them all!

1. Sangria

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