7 Cool Flooring Designs You'll Want in Your Home

They say the first thing a person notices about you is your shoes. If people are looking down long enough to notice your shoes, they’re probably going to be checking out your floors as well. 
Are your floors something you want to show off? If not, you might want to consider making some changes. That’s what these homeowners did, and we’re willing to bet they’re feeling pretty happy with their amazing decisions. 
#1. Stenciled Wood Floors
There once was a time when painted wood floors were not all that uncommon. These days, however, they are rarely seen. Beautiful stenciled wood floors like these are even more rare. 
These colorful works of art can make any room brighter. Best of all, they’re actually quite easy to create, making stenciled floors a great solution for anyone trying to doctor up old wood floors or even a subfloor.
#2. Gorgeous Mosaics
If you don’t consider yourself to be a very patient person, this may not be the best DIY project. However, the most creative and crafty renovators might find these gorgeous floor mosaics inspirational. 
Our favorite is this ocean-inspired bathroom – a design that soothes and brings out the merfolk in all of us. 
#3. Optical Illusion Carpet
Looking for something a bit more off the wall? This optical illusion carpet could be right up your alley. Flooring like this will certainly leave a lasting impression; you can rest assured your home will never be considered boring.
Of course, a full-floor illusion may not be for you. In that case, these black hole rugs might be more your style. 
#4. Belt Flooring
Another super unusual option, and a great flooring solution for those who love the look and feel of leather, is this vintage belt floor. This floor mat is made entirely from upcycled belts. This means you can keep things green while also giving your feet a comfortable and interesting resting place. 
#5. Penny Tiles
Want to save some money? Believe it or not, you can do just that by literally making your floor out of money. It might take some time, but you can create a beautiful floor entirely out of pennies. Use any pattern you wish and give your home a shiny floor you can be proud of. 
#6. Puzzle Flooring
We find it quite puzzling that more playrooms and children’s bedrooms aren’t making use of this awesome puzzle flooring. These wooden tiles are incredibly easy to install, can be used on any subfloor, and are a cinch to care for.
Looking for pricing and other details? Check here. 
#7. Etched Wood
There’s no denying the fact that hardwood floors are gorgeous. That said, this traditional floor type can be made even prettier through the use of etching. Etched wood floors can display any kind of pattern you can imagine, and really help make your floors unique and interesting without sacrificing the natural beauty of the wood. 
Of course, these are just some of the amazing flooring options out there. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with to make your home your own.