Benefits of Living Close to Nature

There are few things in this world that are more relaxing and serene than getting back to nature. The smell of fresh, clean air, the sound of birds chirping, and the beautiful views of the city lights on the horizon while still being able to see the painting of stars in the sky are just a few of the reasons why humans treasure living on the edge of cities instead of smack-dab in the middle of them. 
When people live close to nature, their lives begin to change in ways that they never thought possible. Right here in Tucson, many homeowners choose to live just outside of the city and take advantage our lush and beautiful natural surroundings near nature. Saguaro National Park is not only breathtaking, but the areas surrounding it are prime real estate for savvy homebuyers who know the value of living close to nature. 
Have you ever wondered what benefits there are to building your dream home so close to nature? You might be surprised at just how many perks there really are.
You Get to See the Animals No One Ever Gets to See
Everyone knows that Tucson is chock-full of flora and fauna, but the very best of it all lives outside of the major cross streets of the city and reside in the dense and beautiful parks away from the hustle and bustle. Roadrunners, Gila monsters, coyotes, lizards, bats, rabbits, foxes, bobcats, frogs, jackrabbits, deer and birds of all types call Saguaro National Park home, and nature lovers are bound to catch sight of some of the rarest and most majestic animals that dapple our local landscape.
You Get the Best Exercise
Study after study shows that those who live closer to nature are far more likely to get the daily exercise they need to stay healthy and active. The allure of the surroundings just begs you to get out and explore them, so it’s no wonder that people can’t resist taking a morning or nightly stroll through the sprawling landscape. All of this increased activity will leave you feeling great as you enjoy all of the benefits of your daily endorphin rush surrounded by all that greenery.
You Get All the Stars to Yourself
If you haven’t looked up to the stars and taken in all of those magnificent little twinkling lights that we here in Arizona are privileged to see, then you are missing out on some pretty spectacular sights. Arizona’s light pollution laws are designed to keep that gorgeous night sky as visible as possible, and the further you get away from Tucson’s street light the more spectacular the show will be. Not to mention that you’ll have prime viewing for the annual Perseid meteor shower!
You Get All the Quiet
When you really want to shut off the sounds of the city, nothing beats being able to drive home to your quiet, peaceful home and enjoy the silence. While others scramble to mask the city’s cars, sirens, and general neighborhood hoopla, you get to enjoy all the peace and quiet that nature has to offer. Doesn’t that sound amazing?
You Get to Develop a Newfound Respect for Nature
Research has shown that those who live near nature not only take advantage of their surroundings to exercise, relax, and enjoy the rural beauty, but they also develop a deep and meaningful bond with nature. People who live with nature (instead of just admiring it from afar) are more likely to care about the welfare of all that native splendor. Once you experience the benefits of living near nature, you too will become passionate about preserving it for generations to come.
You Just Might Live Longer
The Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives recently made waves in the medical community when they proved that people who live around greener areas of vegetation actually live longer than those who live in cities. Surrounding yourself with nature means that your mental and physical health are all getting a boost. The study found that those who live around greener areas have a 13% lower death rate when battling cancer, 30% reduction in instances of depression, and a 34% lower death rate from respiratory diseases. Does it get any better than that?