The Best Night Lights for Your Home

As children, night lights were necessities to keep the monsters at bay, but night lights for adults offer high tech options for preventing stubbed toes and providing a less harsh reading light. Night lights are ideal in hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. Rather than needing to flip on a bright light in the middle of the night and shocking your tired eyes, you can stay in your restful mood while you get your midnight snack.

High-Tech Nightlights

The development of technology alongside knowledge about how light affects sleep has created a demand for smart nightlights. These night lights provide different levels of brightness according to the time of night, and the smartest night lights also offer warmer or cooler light based on the time. Studies show that warm-colored lights promote relaxation while brighter lights help deep sleepers wake.
Whether you want a standard night light or a unique option, there’s a night light for everyone—and usually it’s only a few clicks away with two-day shipping.

Plug-In Motion Sensor Night Light

Light up the hallway to the bathroom or kitchen with a plug-in motion sensor night light. The motion sensor detects movement even in the darkest room to turn on and protect your toes. Sensitive enough to turn on when you walk by but not so sensitive that it will randomly turn on, this motion sensor night light offers an easy solution to dark hallways.

Decorative Glass Night Light

Want a night light that will compliment the decor in your home? This handcrafted stained glass night light will provide the light you need at night, but will also look appealing during the day. Complete with a turquoise flower, this light is sure to add an extra something to any room. Its charcoal patina finish will keep this decorative light looking beautiful for years to come.

Himalayan Salt Night Light

Enjoy the good vibes and decorative look as well as the practical brightening of a dark hallway or room with a Himalayan salt night light. The warm light of a Himalayan salt night light soothes and calms, promoting relaxation and restfulness. Himalayan salt is also a natural air purifier, working against pollen, pet dander, and dust. This beautiful night light is both convenient, efficient, and decorative.

Moon Lamp

A full moon only occurs a few days per month. With this lamp, the moon is always full and it will always light up your room. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery makes powering your moon lamp easy, and adjust the brightness of the lamp by holding down the power button. This soft-glowing and elegant moon lamp will offer soothing tones to every home.

MIPOW Playbulb Night Light

This high-tech smart night light provides so many options for lighting your bedroom, hallway, or bathroom. A free downloadable app allows users to adjust the MIPOW Playbulb without ever touching the night light. Adjust the brightness, color effects, and timer from the app. You can also change the color by shaking your phone, and the MIPOW Playbulb also includes options for four effects: pulsing, flashing, fading, and rainbow. Charge the built-in battery at the included wireless charger in less than three hours, and enjoy the option of using a motion detector so the light will turn on as needed.
Night lights are a practical and stylish way to keep your shins from black and blue bruises while also lighting the rooms you may frequent in the middle of the night. No one is too old to appreciate the ability to see at night.