Home Details to Include in Your Building Plans

The home details to include in your building plans are unique to every new homeowner. When determining what you want in a home, you need to consider a number of different aspects of your life, the land, and your budget. Planning what you want in your home is crucial to ensuring that you ultimately build your dream home.

Evaluating Your Custom Home Plan

When you’re trying to determine what you want in your home, you need to start simple. Use the information that you have about your lot of land to determine what options may be available to you. Don’t forget to talk to your builder and designer about your ideas.

Think Ahead

  1. Do you already have children or do you plan on having children?
  2. Will you want a grandparent suite?
  3. Are you the host for the holidays?
  4. Do you work from home or plan to work from home in the future?
  5. Should you include a space outfitted for your favorite hobbies?

Plan for the Land

  1. Does the landscape fit your plans?
  2. What ways can the house compliment the natural topography of the land?
  3. Are there any views that should be seen from the windows of your living or dining room?

Function and Flow

  1. What house layout makes the most sense for your family?
  2. Where should the bedrooms be placed in relation to other parts of the house?
  3. Which rooms gather people naturally?
  4. Would an open plan design make sense for your home design?


  1. Do you want to have as much natural light as possible?
  2. How can big windows be incorporated into the design?
  3. Where are electrical lights sensible and useful?
  4. Are skylights a good idea for your home?
  5. Should lights be dimmable or brighter in different sections of the home?

Home Details to Include in Your Home Building

Building a custom home means allowing your imagination room to explore ideas for your own space. While most homes are created based on a specific designer’s plan, your custom home reflects your wants and needs.

Hidden Room

Create a magic space for a secret getaway within your own home. Whether you want the kids’ play area to be hidden away or want to have a secret bar, an undercover room can add a bit of pizzazz to your home. Consider the types of hidden rooms you might want.

Built-In Shelves, Desks, Tables

Personalize your office space or library with built-in shelves. In fact, built-in shelves can look nice in many different places in your home. Built-in tables could be useful in a mudroom or playroom. The dining room might be especially stately with floor-to-ceiling, built-in bookshelves.


In an active and outdoor-focused family, a mudroom is a must have. This dedicated room offers plenty of room to store coats, shoes, sporting equipment, outdoor toys, and even lawn care tools. You may also want to consider the organization of the space and what closets or shelving you may need.

Spa Room

Nothing is more relaxing than a room devoted to self-care. Whether you choose to have a special room for a spa or you have the master bathroom outfitted for spa care, consider what types of amenities are ideal for your relaxation. You may want to include a dual vanity, soaking tub, sauna, jacuzzi, or walk-in shower.

Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. If that’s the case for your family, consider how to maximize your kitchen space. You may want to include a dining nook, a breakfast bar, and dual kitchen workspaces. If you host family gatherings or social get-togethers, two ovens can be extremely useful. These extras will offer plenty of workspace for you and room for guests to linger while you prep food.

Designing for the future

As our society moves toward more connected technology, homes are also becoming smarter. When you’re building your own home, consider creating a smart home or creating the capacity so that your home can be updated in the future. Smart homes currently include programmable thermostats and WiFi-controlled home accessories such as lights, coffee machines, outlets, locks, and security systems.
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