Keep Your Health Resolutions Alive This Year

A new year is a popular time to make goals... but it’s far from the only time to try to achieve new things. One of the most popular resolutions made every year (and at varying times of the year) is to create healthier habits.
Whether you’re just starting out in your hopes of becoming more healthy or you’re renewing a past vow you made to yourself, here are a few ways to stick to it this time.
1. Write down and keep track of your goals.
Studies show that writing down your goals makes you far more likely to stick to them. For that reason alone, it’s important to record your plans somewhere. But writing them down is just half of it.
If you have a place where you can see your goals every day, you should also create a way to track them. Whether it means marking off days on a calendar, adding a quarter to a jar, or doing some other tangible action, find a way to watch your progress. 
If you can see how far you’ve come, you’ll be that much more interested in staying the course.
2. Plan meals in advance.
New studies have shown that exercise is secondary to eating well. In fact, though exercise is imperative to living a long and healthy life, it may have little to do with losing weight. If thinning out is your goal, it’s even more vital that you take planning meals even more seriously.
With life’s busy schedule, it can be a challenge to eat healthily. However, if you don’t plan ahead, it makes things even more difficult. 
Meal prepping will help you stay on target. Take these pre-homemade meals to work for smart lunches or hang on to them for nights when you don’t feel like cooking. Make a day of it over the weekend with a friend or as a family.
For those times you’re unable to eat at home, resolve to choose healthier options. It’s not always fun but it can be done.
3. Join a fitness class.
Fitness is still important – don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise! Instead of going it all alone, though, opt to join a fitness class so you have a form of accountability.
Classes can be expensive, so before you make a commitment to any particular activity, look for deals on Groupon or call a local fitness business to see if they offer any specials for individuals interested in trying out a class before buying in.
Even if you know you enjoy an activity (or think you may), it never hurts to shop around.
4. Don’t be restrictive.
One of the worst things you can do is set out with an “I can’t” mindset. This negative way of thinking will only get you so far in achieving your health goals this year.
Studies show that if you approach your eating or exercise goals – or any goals, for that matter – by telling yourself you can’t do something, you’ll inevitably do what you set out not to do.
Instead, allow yourself to make some mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up for a missed workout or a day of poor eating choices. Think about the things you can do or can have, why you enjoy them, and why you’re making the effort to change.
Reframing your thoughts will make all the difference.
This is your year. Don’t let anything stop you! If you remain positive, keep an accurate and consistent record of your achievements, and make a viable plan, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.