Remote Workers Flock to Tucson

As workers from expensive, dense cities pivot to working from home, many of them have realized they can live much more comfortably in cities like Tucson. COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on nearly everyone, from individuals to businesses and beyond. A lot has changed to deal with the novel coronavirus — but not all of those changes are necessarily bad.
Historically many high-paying jobs were crammed into busy cities with skyrocketing costs of living — a worthy trade-off for some looking for a large income. But for employees working from home in a post-pandemic world, all that’s needed is a strong internet connection — whether that’s down the street from the office or a few states away. 
Local organization StartUp Tucson has joined up with a number of corporate partners to put together incentive packages in hopes of attracting more high-paid remote workers to Tucson. These packages include cash incentives and amenities to make Tucscon more of a permanent home for this new remote workforce. 
“We have co-working space that’s been donated by a number of our co-working locations here in Tucson,” Liz Pocock, StartUp Tucson CEO said. “We have an internet service package for a year of free gig internet for their homes once they moved here from Cox.” 
Billy Mordka, President of the Tucson Association of Realtors, says that remote workers from locations like Silicon Valley will be stunned at what their high salaries can buy, especially in terms of real estate. 
“[Remote workers] come here and they can get a lot more bang for their buck,” Mordka said. “Either they have very large down payments — they sometimes sold a piece of property and they cashed out — so they can come to Tucson with a suitcase full of cash, and they can pay cash.” 
Remote workers coming in from expensive areas will be able to confidently afford much more home than what they’re used to, which could be a major boost for the Tucson housing market. But this is not the only change to the real estate market brought on by COVID-19. 
More Tucsonians are working from home as well, and low mortgage rates are freeing them up to upgrade to larger housing to make room for a more comfortable work-from-home environment. 
With a home inventory boasting ample square footage and breathtaking natural surroundings and views, Tucson is a premier destination for perfect work from home synergy. 
Whether you’re from out of state and looking to build the perfect Southern Arizona home or are a local ready to upgrade that home office, I can help you find the ideal land lot to build your dream home. Contact me today to get started.