Summer Stay-cation Home Decor Ideas

Travel may be off the table this year and work-from-home can make our personal spaces feel less like an escape and more like an office. Reclaim your space for your stay-cation with these home decor tips. 

Accent Pieces

You don’t need to break the bank to spice up your living room or patio. Investing in a few bright, floral pillows, paintings, chair covers, and more can freshen up your space. Furniture slipcovers can be found fairly cheap on Amazon and bring colorful patterns to normally neutral furniture items. 
Finding a perfect summer painting or a few vibrant throw pillows can help you to re-energize your space and bring a pop of color to your home. 

Freshen Up Your Floorboards

If you have wood floors in your home that look a little worse for wear, consider grabbing a bottle of Rejuvenate from Home Depot’s curbside pickup. Transform your worn floorboards into a floor befitting a tropical paradise by mopping in some Rejuvenate to remove scuffs, scratches, and nicks. 
You can also find similar products for outdoor furniture and weathered metal. If you plan on spending a lot of time lounging by the pool, freshen up your outdoor furniture so that it looks its best!

Make a Tropical Paradise

Never underestimate the magic of plants, especially now as we spend most of our time at home. A desk succulent or some flowers for your kitchen are enough to brighten your day, but filling your living room or backyard with plantlife is one of the easiest ways to bring life into your stay-cation. 
Simply being around plants helps to boost your memory, concentration, and productivity. But we aren’t concerned about your work performance right now, and plants come with a number of benefits beyond your nine to five. 
Houseplants have been found to improve your mood, clean your air, and pump some additional oxygen into your living space. You may not be able to travel to a tropical paradise this summer, but with some added plants around the house, you can inhale a breath of fresh air each and every day. 

Treat Yourself to A Houseware Upgrade

If you’re spending your summer at home, why not treat yourself to some hardware upgrades to make your stay-cation all the more luxurious? Pick up an ice cream maker for a tasty summer treat and entertaining activity for the kids. Or grab a new barbecue to use for a backyard cookout with friends and family. 
Sometimes a little upgrade is all it takes to get us inspired to try new activities, recipes, hobbies, and more! Make the most of this time at home with your family — engage in fun family activities, repurpose rooms of your home for all sorts of needs from exercise to reading nooks, and create the dream home you’ve always wanted. 
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