Tucson’s Booming Restaurant Community is Calling

An unfinished kitchen cramps the eating routine, and while stressing over building decisions and construction, food might be the last thing on your mind, it may be the perfect way to soothe your stressed soul.
Tucson has an outstanding food history, and, according to world-class restaurateurs, an extraordinarily bright future as well. Whether you are new to the Tucson area or you’re just looking for a satisfying bite to eat, Tucson’s booming restaurant community has got you covered. As one of the best places for a wide range of choices with local ingredients, you can cut the “what to eat” questions and worries from your mind and enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal.  
If the name doesn’t give this restaurant away, Goodness serves up a selection of foods that are pure ingredients and fresh fruit. With a smoothie menu alongside the daytime menu, health is at the fingertips. Goodness specializes in bowls, offering Acai options and meat selections, but they also serve tacos, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.
El Guero Canelo
The best location for the Sonoran hot dog, the must-have food in Tucson, El Guero Canelo also offers an array of other choices if unbelievably delicious and mouthwatering bacon-wrapped hot dogs aren’t your thing. Choose between tacos, burros, tortas, quesadillas, or caramelos or other fresh and yummy dishes.
Diablo Burger
Despite its devilish name, Diablo Burger is better than good. The beef for burgers is not only local to Arizona, but it’s antibiotic- and hormone-free. And the goodness doesn’t stop there. The beef patty comes on a handmade, preservative-free English muffin. Besides that, Diablo Burger clearly had fun naming the menu options. Making Tucson their second home (the first is in Flagstaff), Diablo Burger is satisfying everyone’s burger cravings.
Batch is an adult’s best friend. Where else can you order small batch whiskey alongside (boozy) cereal, grilled cheese, and homemade doughnuts? From the moment Batch opened it has been a riotous success and a must-try for any Tucson local.
Cafe Poca Cosa
One of the main attractions of Cafe Poca Cosa their menu, which changes twice daily. That means there’s no pre-planning the meal here. Waiters share the current menu on a chalkboard, and it usually includes a few meals centered around a protein. Options are limited, but the experience can be enchanting, especially if you love Mexican food.
The Horseshoe Grill
Unsurprisingly, the Horseshoe Grill focuses on steak – like, really, really good steak – but, the menu is strong in other areas as well. Start the meal off with mesquite grilled shrimp served with the house horseradish cocktail sauce or a dripping-with-goodness sandwich. The Horseshoe Grill even takes special care to offer gluten-free items on the menu. (Bonus – bring a birthday boy or girl and score free ice cream!)
El Charro
Celebrating 95 years in Tucson, there’s a reason that El Charro is often deemed the best Mexican food in the area. Of course, some might argue, but 95 years of continued restaurant excellence is nothing to spit at. Boasting multiple menus, such as lunch, dinner, happy hour, and more, El Charro serves chimichangas, guacamole, ceviche, and the Original Charro burger. Best yet, a birthday means free flan to celebrate!
This restaurant and ice creamery (right across the street) keeps things simple, offering a few statement items on the menu such as sandwiches and main dishes. Show up for brunch and be delighted by the delicious coffee and better-than-brunch staples. A lunch will leave you full and smiling but eager to try the whole menu. Check out the dinner rush and you’ll discover why Hub is one of Tucson’s most popular new restaurants. Just be prepared to wait a bit for a table – Hub is always (and rightfully) jam-packed!
PieZano’s Rustic Pizza and Wine
This New York-themed pizzeria boasts hand-tossed pizza made fresh with a lightly sweet sauce and quality ingredients. Along with pizza, PieZano’s serves a selection of salads, pastas, and starters. When choosing pizza, select a classic favorite or branch out to try the Arizona-inspired Sonoran pizza with roasted chicken, green chiles, jalapeños, and jack cheese. You’ll be grabbing for your water but loving every bite.
Choice Greens
Need to kick up your colorful vitamin intake? Choose Choice Greens and enjoy above average entree salads and soups. The menu allows for a mix and match of favorite ingredients, including a selection of lettuce, “choppings,” and protein. Of course, if carbs are necessary, Choice Greens serves pizza, sandwiches, paninis, and homestyle mac ‘n cheese. This land specialist’s recommendation: the corn chowder!