Tucson Film Festivals: A Movie Buff Heaven

Since 1925, Tucson and the desert southwest have been destinations for filmmakers wanting to add stunning vistas, charming locales, and sprawling backdrops to their filmography. 
Tucson’s impact on the film industry has only grown. The city is now home to many internationally-renowned film festivals brimming with new talent and innovations in movie making. 
No matter what time of year, Tucson is a movie buff heaven with a diverse array of film festivals with projects ranging from small-scale pieces to full-length films. And with a mix of indoor and outdoor festivities, participants can safely socially distance themselves while enjoying all the great movies on offer. 

Arizona Underground

This is Arizona’s only premier underground cult film festival. The films at this festival break the mold of traditional Hollywood themes and tropes with defiantly independent visions. This ten-day event has filmed for every fanatic, aiming to include pieces from every independent film genre worldwide. 
Whether you’re a fan of horror, documentaries, animation, and more, this September festival is sure to have a film you’re interested in. 

Film Fest Tucson

This home-grown festival attracts savvy fans and dedicated movie-buffs who want to see the new and important works made by local filmmakers. Films range from emotional shorts to feature-length narratives and documentaries. 
The upbeat festival boasts top-quality projectors and sound, unique venues, lively panels, plenty of parties, and local attractions. Whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, Film Fest Tucson is the place to be in October. 

Loft Film Fest

Created as a showcase for the absolute best in independent, foreign, and classic cinema, this eight-day festival takes place in November and attracts cinephiles worldwide. Films are featured from Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, and more, and internationally renowned filmmakers and artists can always be found wandering around the festival grounds. 
Films are screened at the Loft Cinema, Tucson’s own art-house cinema, and proud member of the Sundance Institute’s Art House Project. 

Apex Film Fest

Even though this festival is only one day long in February, it packs a punch with a star-studded lineup of the highest caliber movies and music videos. This event is also filled with live musical performances and Q&A panels from across the American Southwest. 
With smaller crowds, a smaller venue, and a single-day run time, this festival is perfect for getting familiar and networking with the local film scene.

Tucson Cine Mexico

Established by the University of Arizona Hanson Film Institute, this festival is the longest-running contemporary Mexican cinema showcase. This is an admission-free event that takes place over four days in April. This festival aims to showcase the very best of Mexican films and cinema and connect a diverse fanbase. 
Since starting in 2004, the festival has attracted over 20,000 attendees, hosted more than 40 filmmakers and professionals, and featured many award-winning contemporary films and documentaries. 
That’s Not All, Folks
These vibrant festivals are only a taste of Tucson’s festivals and events for movie lovers. With a premier festival for nearly every month of the year, movie buffs will never be bored with the new and exciting filmography that finds its way to Tucson. You can find the full list at VisitTucson.org. 
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