What Makes Tucson AZ One of the Safest Places to Live

Safety is at the top of the list of factors to consider when moving to a new city. How close are the schools? Are the establishments up to par? What is the community like? All of these questions can boil down to the safety and confidence you have in your desired location. 
If you’re looking for a city that leaves you feeling comfortable and at home, look no further than the vibrant city of Tucson, AZ. Tucson is one of the safest places to live when it comes to the following criteria:

Cost of Living

Safety and cost go hand-in-hand when looking for a place to live. Tucson’s cost of living remains eight percent lower than the national average and six percent lower than the state average. 
Low cost of living statistically equals a lower crime rate compared to the national average. A low-cost city like Tucson offers financial stability as well as affordable healthcare, amenities, and housing.

Standard of Education

When buying a home with children, parents must consider the quality of nearby schools and resources available to support a family. Tucson offers multitudes of options including public, charter, private, or homeschool designed with the right tools to prepare your children for the future. 
Pima County enacted the Healthy & Safe Schools program which is an initiative to create and maintain safe and supportive school cultures. In turn, this initiative is poised to create a positive community culture. 
Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona which holds the #1 rank for alumni earning potential among Arizona’s public universities. You can expect opportunities offered by the university to aid in the safety and economic growth of Tucson.

Low Pollution

Living in a location with low air quality can pose greater risk for your health. As air pollution overruns cities, residents are looking to escape these smog-ridden areas. 
The American Lung Association, a voluntary health organization committed to preventing lung disease, ranked Tucson at #1 for cleanest metropolitan area in the U.S.
Pima County recognizes that high populated cities emit the most pollutants in the country and are looking to counteract their carbon footprint with the Clean Air Program. This program intends to increase public awareness of air quality issues and prevent further decline.

Less Risk of Natural Disasters

Many people overlook the history of natural disasters in an area before choosing where to live. A house is an investment, and like any investment, you intend to protect it. 
According to Sperling’s Best Places, a publisher of city rankings, Tucson ranked low on the scale of hazards. Don’t expect any hurricanes or tornadoes to pop up when occupying this beautiful desert. Although there have been cases of earthquakes or tremors, those instances are very rare. 
The biggest risk in Tucson is flash floods. No place is completely safe, but there is a wealth of resources and programs to help keep you prepared and provide relief in the event of a flash flood. 
Thinking of buying a plot of land in Tucson, AZ? Chat with me, Rick Sack, and we’ll find the safest place for you!