What Your Decor Style Says about You

How do you like to decorate your space? Whether you know it or not, you decor style says a lot about who you are. From prints and patterns to paint colors, the choices you make about your home decor reflect aspects of your inner self. Here are just a few ways your aesthetic choices might reflect your personality.
Minimalist Mood
If you’re a minimalist, chances are you have a type-A personality and love to keep things clean and tidy. You’d rather have a few meaningful possessions than a lot of mediocre things. You value your space, and you try to keep your abode stress-free by eliminating clutter. 
Neutral Colors
A neutral color palette suggests you’re a tranquil person who wants to transform their space into an oasis. People who favor neutrals tend to be introverts that would prefer a “chill” night in to a boisterous night out on the town. Neutral tones create a calming atmosphere that’s fitting for a cool cucumber like yourself. 
Bold Patterns
If you love the bold look, chances are you like to entertain. You take pride in your decor and you want everyone to see it! People who favor bold colors and patterns are usually extroverts with big personalities. With bright accents and striking tones, your home decor is just as fun as you are! 
Vintage Vibes
You have an appreciation for the finer things in life and would rather take the time to find the perfect piece than settle for something cheaply made. You’re very sophisticated and tend to prefer things your own way. You have great taste and are the one your friends always go to for style advice. Your sense of style is timeless. 
Country Chic
If your home has a Southern vibe, you crave a simple, slower way of life. You care a lot about family and always want to make sure there’s room for guests at the table. You enjoy hosting and while you value appearance, comfort is more important to you. You’re very giving and are always willing to open your heart to those in need. 
Modern Renaissance
People who love the modern look are always up on the latest trends. You’d rather take a chance on something new than ever resort to something ordinary. You’re spontaneous and are always up for an adventure. Your home decor might change with the seasons, but you can count on always being in the know about what’s in style. 
Industrial Appeal
If you like the industrial look, chances are you value function over appearance. You’re very reliable and like knowing how things work. You’re very logical and tend to make good decisions based on the facts you’re given. You’re the problem-solver of your friend group and like to find solutions to situations that would stump others. 
Whatever style you prefer, your decor choices say a lot about you. The next time you’re in the market for some new pieces, take some time to think about what message you want your home to reflect.