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4 Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle This Spring

At last, spring has arrived, and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Going for walks, riding your bike, and playing sports are all awesome springtime activities. That said, there are some less-fun things that should be done while the weather’s nice.


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5 Great Places to Volunteer in Tucson

Whether you’re looking to complete required community service or just want to spend your free time doing something good, seeking out great volunteer opportunities is the first step. Lucky for you, finding awesome community service options in Tucson is a cinch.

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4 Desert Backyards to Die For

If you live in the Southwest, it can be hard to find landscaping ideas that work with the dry desert climate. Irrigating your yard year-round can be expensive and sometimes even wasteful, so it’s important to be strategic about the type of backyard you’re looking for.

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What Your Decor Style Says about You

How do you like to decorate your space? Whether you know it or not, you decor style says a lot about who you are. From prints and patterns to paint colors, the choices you make about your home decor reflect aspects of your inner self. Here are just a few ways your aesthetic choices might reflect your personality.
Minimalist Mood
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