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Relief from Topography

My father, ‘Sut’ Settlemeyer was a surveyor for the United States Geological Survey (USGS). He referred to the maps they produced as quad, or relief maps. The universal geologic language of relief mapping is contour topography. Now what exactly is a contour? Simply, nothing more than a step. Just as a flight of stairs is comprised of risers and treads, topographic contours consist of elevations and resolution.
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Shopping for Land on the Internet : Getting the Whole Picture

Homes Vs. Lots

Home buyers and land buyers are equally particular about the properties they choose to invest in. The internet has made the search for a new home an easy and engaging process, with tons of information and pictures available for a buyer’s perusal. However, a virtual search for land can be a bit more challenging.

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The Allure of Land

I have been involved in land sales as a Real Estate Broker since 1983, when from an office in Chicago, I became a General Partner in a land syndicate that purchased 40 acres of desert land in a remote, undeveloped area of northwest Tucson. From that day to this, I recognized an uncanny desire on many investors’ parts to own land versus other forms of real estate. I call it the allure of land.

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