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What do I Need a Permit for?

Many common household upgrades and repairs require a permit where the average homeowner or property owner is not aware of the need for a permit. As a general rule when in doubt, ask!! Who answers these questions? And where does a property owner go to get these answers? Best place to start is with the Development Services Department or Building Code Department for your community. A quick internet search can usually lead you to a phone number and often a list of what needs a permit and what does not. It may seem like a hassle obtaining a permit.

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Keep Your Health Resolutions Alive This Year

A new year is a popular time to make goals... but it’s far from the only time to try to achieve new things. One of the most popular resolutions made every year (and at varying times of the year) is to create healthier habits.
Whether you’re just starting out in your hopes of becoming more healthy or you’re renewing a past vow you made to yourself, here are a few ways to stick to it this time.
1. Write down and keep track of your goals.
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Foreclosure and Fate

Back in 1835, an Austrian physicist by the name of Schrodinger devised a way to explain quantum physics (and impress women) by placing a cat inside a sealed box with a vial of poisonous gas that could break at any moment and kill the unwitting feline.  The crux of this exercise was this: until one opened the box to see if Mr. Finickypants was still upright, the cat could be considered both alive and dead.  (Who says physicists don’t know how to party?)  We’ll come back to Schrodinger, a potential cat killer, in a few moments.

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3 Tiny Houses that will Make You Rethink Your Home

For years, the American dream included, seemingly by default, having a big house with a white picket fence, two children, and maybe a few household pets. In reality, whether big or small, millions of Americans worked to build or buy their own first homes for their families. Even today, home ownership remains an important rite of passage for many.

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Part 3: Riparian Habitat Disturbance and Violations: What You Need to Know…

In 1994 the first language was adopted in the Pima County Regional Flood Control District’s Floodplain Management Ordinance (Ordinance) to promote riparian habitat protection. As part of identifying the protected areas Riparian Classification Maps were developed. In 2005 the map was updated based on improved data to include more riparian habitat to be protected by the Ordinance. Unfortunately this regulation often is unknown to a person buying land and often catches people off guard.

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6 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season in Tucson

From November to December, every city decks out for the holiday season, and Tucson is no exception. In fact, Tucson might even celebrate the holiday season better. Holiday traditions are carried out with a twist in this warmer climate and charms everyone for miles around.
To help spread the holiday cheer, we’ve come up with a list of 6 ways to celebrate the holiday season in Tucson.

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Part 2: How to Permit Construction When a Parcel is Impacted by Regulated Riparian Habitat

When a property or project site is impacted by regulated riparian habitat (RRH), a permit application for construction is reviewed for avoidance of this habitat. Avoidance of disturbance to riparian habitat can be accomplished through applicant’s flexibility on the location of improvements on a project site. While the Riparian Ordinance prioritizes avoidance and minimization of disturbance to riparian habitat, there will be situations when impacts to riparian habitat cannot be avoided. 

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Part 1: What is Riparian Habitat?

In Pima County, there are areas that are designated as Regulated Riparian Habitat (RRH). RRH has development limitations in an effort to preserve, protect, and enhance these areas. Why is this important? And what exactly is riparian habitat?

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