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A Wash Is a Wash Is a Wash; Not So Quick

I was recently working with a young couple looking for a property in the Tanque Verde Valley on which to build their first home.  After exploring many neighborhoods and walking lots of land, we came across a 5-acre parcel in the Horse Head Road area. 
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6 Cool Upgrades to Include In Your Home Build Project

Building a home is an exciting process that allows you complete customization from start to finish. Once you have the basics figured out, it’s time to start thinking about what fun additions you can incorporate into your new place. 
If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 6 cool upgrades that will make your home build project stand out from all the rest.
Energy-Efficient Appliances
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Heating and Cooling Your New Home: What Are Your Options?

As you make plans to build your new home, you may not spend much time considering how you’ll manage the temperature. After all, it’s pretty straightforward, right? 
Maybe. But maybe not. 
These days, there are a number of systems you can choose from to manage your home’s temperature and each has its own benefits. 
Take a look at our list. Which one is best for you and your family?
Traditional HVAC Systems
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5 Builder Upgrades to Splurge On - and 3 to Pass Up

Whether you are choosing to build a custom home designed to your exact specifications or opting to select a home design from the pre-made plans provided by your builder, you will still have the option to include some builder upgrades into your construction

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Uncovering the Cost to Build a House

Real estate is an amazing industry. The market is perfectly designed to allow for smart, reliable, and comprehensible cost breakdowns that allow buyers and sellers to understand how homes are being valued, and most importantly, why. As discussed in my previous blog, understanding the valuation of vacant, raw land is a much more involved process, but once the process is laid out it is easy to understand why a piece of land has the value it holds.
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Guest Blog: The Sonoran Summer is Closing...

For many, Labor Day often signifies the end of the summer. It means back to school, no more vacation, and bittersweet feelings of seeing summer’s end. 
When summer is coming to a close in Tucson, there is also a bit of skip to everyone's step. Folks that have lived in the Sonoran desert for a while know that once the UA students make their way back to campus, it signifies that summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner. It also means that there’s excitement in the air! 
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