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5 Builder Upgrades to Splurge On - and 3 to Pass Up

Whether you are choosing to build a custom home designed to your exact specifications or opting to select a home design from the pre-made plans provided by your builder, you will still have the option to include some builder upgrades into your construction

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Uncovering the Cost to Build a House

Real estate is an amazing industry. The market is perfectly designed to allow for smart, reliable, and comprehensible cost breakdowns that allow buyers and sellers to understand how homes are being valued, and most importantly, why. As discussed in my previous blog, understanding the valuation of vacant, raw land is a much more involved process, but once the process is laid out it is easy to understand why a piece of land has the value it holds.
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Guest Blog: The Sonoran Summer is Closing...

For many, Labor Day often signifies the end of the summer. It means back to school, no more vacation, and bittersweet feelings of seeing summer’s end. 
When summer is coming to a close in Tucson, there is also a bit of skip to everyone's step. Folks that have lived in the Sonoran desert for a while know that once the UA students make their way back to campus, it signifies that summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner. It also means that there’s excitement in the air! 
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Uncovering the Market Value of Vacant Land

There are a lot of details that you will pour over when deciding to purchase land. Whether you’re building the house you’ve always dreamed of for your retirement or purchasing prime land in an up-and-coming neighborhood for a commercial venture, you will need to uncover the market value of the land before you commit to buy it. 
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Uncovering the Market Value of Vacant Land: Part One

When you have made the decision to invest in land, the most difficult issue that arises is finding the right land to invest in. First, you need to be certain what you want the land to be used for. Will your property be a future community development site? A ranch? A private home? Once you have ironed out that issue, the process of buying land brings one more obstacle your way – discovering the “market value” of the land.
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Home Building Stressing You Out? Relax at One of Tucson’s Best Spas

It takes a rare type of personality to not stress over an investment. If you are not one of these rare creatures, and the words “c'est la vie” seldom escape your lips, you are probably incredibly stressed out to the max on a daily basis about building your own house from the ground up. Here’s one thing you can relax about, though - you’re in good company!
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