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Building a New Home? Avoid These 7 Financial Missteps: Part Two

With all the time and energy we put into designing a custom home to be built on a fantastic plot of land, there are many aspects that we spend a great deal of time contemplating. The type of flooring you want to add to your home, the position of the house on the land, and of course, the small details that make building the home of your dreams worth all the effort.
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Where to Build Your House on Your New Lot

You’ve undoubtedly seen a whole lot of land on your journey to find the perfect lot to purchase to build your home. When you fall in love with a piece of land, it’s probably because of a variety of factors. Everything from the proximity to your neighbors to the gorgeous views which can make a tract of land goes from ordinary to outstanding, and exactly where you can picture yourself living. And no two people will see the same building site the same way, especially when it comes to envisioning standing in your would-be home and taking in your surroundings.
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Choosing the Right Floor for Your New Home Build

There are no two ways about it – the floors you choose to add to your new home build will set the tone, style, and feel of your house for years to come. Floors are a primary statement that any home makes, and it can be a make-or-break feature for a home sale. Far from the color of your walls, which are easy enough to change as your tastes do, floors are designed to last for decades in your home, which is why it is essential that a homeowner building their house from the ground up selects the ideal flooring type for their home.
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Is There a “Best Season” to Sell Land and Lots?

As the Arizona real estate market heats up, it seems as though everyone is scrambling to find the home or land to buy for both the short and long term investments. Where some see the benefits of discovering good land and making it great in this current market, others see a fantastic opportunity to set down roots in Southern Arizona and find the land that they will build their dream house on.

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Southern Arizona’s National Parks and Forests: Treasures of the Desert (Part One)

The days are long, the air is warm, and the outdoors are calling to us all once again. There is no better time of year to take advantage of the astounding landscapes that surround us here in Southern Arizona than to pull on our best hiking boots, fill our water bottles, and don our hats and sunscreen for a fantastic outdoor adventure at one of our fabulous national parks and forests. 
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5 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Land in Southern Arizona

Everyone is talking about the rise in property values, up-and-coming cities that are experiencing a sudden boom in real estate, and of course, the optimum time to buy, sell, and invest in property all across the United States. 
What is harder to hear amidst the hubbub of home sales and cities that are best for commercial investments are mentions of all the amazing opportunities that are coming to the land market over the next few years. 
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