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Time to Convert "Paper Plats" into Custom Lot Subdivisions

In 2002 - 2007, the run-up years before the real estate recession, land developers were buying well-located acreage for the purpose of developing vacant lot subdivisions. This was a costly and time-consuming process that took between one and two years to complete and required planning, engineering, platting, all the while working closely with local municipalities to satisfy the many subdivision laws and requirements. 
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Smart Landscaping for Southern Arizona: Part Two

There is no shortage of gorgeous greenery here in southern Arizona, even if this is a remarkably hot desert climate! Everyone knows that cacti are the signature plant species of Arizona, but the Old Pueblo is a terrific host to a large variety of plants that are not only drought-resistant but also make desert landscaping so unique and beautiful. 
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Smart Landscaping for Southern Arizona: Part One

Though there are times of great rainfall in Tucson (hello, monsoon season!), for the most part, Tucson is a very dry and very hot climate. It can seem like it is impossible to get anything green to grow here in Southern Arizona except for brush and cacti, but the truth is that there are plenty of great ways to add some lively greenery to your new home construction land that will make you excited to get outdoors. 
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Builder Upgrades to Invest In (and Avoid)

You have found the perfect plot of land, and now it is time to let your imagination soar. What type of home do you want to build on that property? What home features do you want to include that you do not have in your current home? Though some new lot owners will choose a custom build, the majority will select a design that is pre-made by a builder and adjusts it to suit their needs. 
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Building Your New House? There’s an App for That!

You’ve bought the land, cleared the brush, and hired the contractor of your dreams to help you build a brand-new home from the ground up. There are a million steps from this point to completion, but I know that you have it all under control.


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Building an Energy Efficient Home From the Ground Up

The very best thing about buying your piece of land and building the home of your dreams is that you have complete control over what kind of house you want to build. Every element of your newly-designed home has to planned for, and that means having a lot of long, detailed conversations with your builder to ensure that your home turns out exactly as you want. 
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Mark Your Calendar! Spring Events in Tucson

It is hard to imagine, but in case you haven’t noticed (or haven’t been in Tucson for very long), Spring tends to come early. The winter frosts have subsided, flower gardens are getting planted as we speak, and storage bags full of sweaters and jackets are getting zipped up all around town – and it is only February!
It is also time to break out your annual planner and jot down these events that you do not want to miss this Spring! 
Tucson Rodeo and Parade – February 18 – 26
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8 Arizona Destinations to Reconnect with the Old West, Part Two

One of the best perks of living in Arizona is how much access we have to American history. Arizona is a fantastic place that is loaded with places where can be entertained, educated, and interact with the history of the Southwest, and we are privileged to be able to touch base with our history any time we want. If you’ve been wondering what life was like in the Old West, or want to take some visiting guests out for a real Western experience, be sure to consider one of these terrific places in Arizona where you can reconnect with the past. 
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