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Where to Build Your House on Your New Lot

You’ve undoubtedly seen a whole lot of land on your journey to find the perfect lot to purchase to build your home. When you fall in love with a piece of land, it’s probably because of a variety of factors. Everything from the proximity to your neighbors to the gorgeous views which can make a tract of land goes from ordinary to outstanding, and exactly where you can picture yourself living. And no two people will see the same building site the same way, especially when it comes to envisioning standing in your would-be home and taking in your surroundings.
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How to Stay Organized During Your Home Build

You’ve been working incredibly hard to find that perfect plot of land to build your dream house. After months of research, applications, builders’ contracts, and approvals, you are finally ready to see your new house take shape.

Most builds take much longer than anticipated, and the average single family home build can be anywhere from 7 months to 9 months. With the process taking nearly a year to complete, it can be a bit of a challenge to track the build and stay organized throughout the process, especially if you are building a home that is wall-to-wall details.

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