7 Cool Flooring Designs You'll Want in Your Home

They say the first thing a person notices about you is your shoes. If people are looking down long enough to notice your shoes, they’re probably going to be checking out your floors as well. 
Are your floors something you want to show off? If not, you might want to consider making some changes. That’s what these homeowners did, and we’re willing to bet they’re feeling pretty happy with their amazing decisions. 
#1. Stenciled Wood Floors
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Choosing the Right Floor for Your New Home Build

There are no two ways about it – the floors you choose to add to your new home build will set the tone, style, and feel of your house for years to come. Floors are a primary statement that any home makes, and it can be a make-or-break feature for a home sale. Far from the color of your walls, which are easy enough to change as your tastes do, floors are designed to last for decades in your home, which is why it is essential that a homeowner building their house from the ground up selects the ideal flooring type for their home.
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