Purchasing Un-subdivided or Un-restricted Vacant Land

I’m often asked whether a particular vacant parcel has any deed restrictions. I get questions regarding building size or type requirements, time frames for building, height restrictions, areas on the lot that can only be used for building, or must remain unused, etc. When it comes down to it, if the property is located in a subdivision, there will typically be a set of parameters that one must follow. 

CC&R’s and Design Guidelines for a Subdivision

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Think Outside the Box to Purchase Residential Land

If you’ve decided to buy residential land in Tucson and have determined that a conventional lot loan is not right for you (whether too high a down payment, too many associated costs, too short term, etc.), here are two sources of funds that may be available to help you complete your purchase: owner financing or an IRA/401(k) plan. 

Owner Financing 

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April 2019 Land Report

The Tucson Land Report releases statistics and data for the Tucson Metro area on the Lots & Lands properties in MLSSAZ every month. Based on this information, the real estate industry can determine the status of the real estate market for the area.
The numbers for the report are based on the localized market conditions and fluctuations are normal and expected. The information can still help real estate agents guide their clients for the best times to sell or buy land.
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February 2019 Land Report

Every month, the Tucson Land Report releases information about the statistics and data

for the Lots & Lands properties in MLSSAZ for the Tucson Metro area. This information reveals the state of the real estate industry and the market for the area in comparison to previous years.

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Uncovering the Market Value of Vacant Land

There are a lot of details that you will pour over when deciding to purchase land. Whether you’re building the house you’ve always dreamed of for your retirement or purchasing prime land in an up-and-coming neighborhood for a commercial venture, you will need to uncover the market value of the land before you commit to buy it. 
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Where to Build Your House on Your New Lot

You’ve undoubtedly seen a whole lot of land on your journey to find the perfect lot to purchase to build your home. When you fall in love with a piece of land, it’s probably because of a variety of factors. Everything from the proximity to your neighbors to the gorgeous views which can make a tract of land goes from ordinary to outstanding, and exactly where you can picture yourself living. And no two people will see the same building site the same way, especially when it comes to envisioning standing in your would-be home and taking in your surroundings.
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Tucson Custom Land and Lots: A Turnaround Begins

This time of year I always find myself thinking about the state of Tucson’s vacant land market; where it has come and where it seems to be headed. I realized that for the first time in the last few years, I’m feeling happily optimistic going into 2017.  
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